You are watching a video and you understand the video has gone wrong somewhere. No matter how much you try to play, you get to see only the grains. You now need to repair MOV file and you need a MOV repair software that will help you out isn’t it? That’s when Remo Repair MOV comes in handy.

Now, worried that MOV file repair is a big task? This might be the questions that runs in your mind. Isn’t it? It is common to have these kind of thoughts, but the solution provided here will put a full stop to your worries related to MOV file repair. First let us understand the product Remo Repair MOV and then information regarding MOV and its repair.


Features Of Remo Repair MOV Tool:

  • Fix MOV files that does not play in a VLC player, Media Player, KM player, Real Player.
  • Repairs most of the issues in a MOV video file, just by following few steps.
  • The interface of the Remo Repair MOV application is simple and created in such a way that even the non tech savvy will find it easy to use.
  • The application can fix truncated MOV video files.
  • Free Preview of the repaired MOV video is provided before saving it.
  • Compatible with videos recorded in different camcorders and HD Cameras such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Kodak, FujiFilm, Panasonic and many more.
  • The software is compatible in Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.
  • The video file codecs supported by this MOV fixer are:

    Video- avc1, mjpeg, mp4

    Audio- mp4a, RAW, sowt

    (any combination of these codecs)

Scenarios that Affects MOV file

It is necessary that you should understand the situations that affect your videos negatively. Hence you can find the right solution for it. Below given are the instances that affect the MOV videos:

  • Small interruptions while recording a video can affect the video adversely. For eg. Switching off your camera abruptly while recording.
  • Carelessness, while transferring the video files.
  • Virus and malware infecting the MOV videos.
  • Using wrong codec to compress the file in MOV container.
  • Non synchronised audio and video stream due to header damage.

Steps to Recover MOV Video

Given below are the steps to repair MOV file Windows.

Step 1: Download the software Remo Repair MOV and run it.

Step 2: Once the launch pad is displayed choose a Healthy video.

repair mov file 1

Step 3: Select the path of the affected MOV video by clicking on the Corrupted file button. Make sure that the healthy and corrupted video are taken using the same camcorder.

Step 4:  Now you can click Repair in order to repair the MOV video file.

repair mov file 2

Step 5: Once the process is completed, you can use the Preview the repaired MOV Video file.

repair mov file 3

Step 6: You can Save the fixed MOV in the desired location.

repair mov file 4

If you still have queries, regarding Repair MOV video by using Remo Repair MOV you need not panic. We provide the best support team 24*7 to help you with MOV video repair.

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