Mac is a brand which is widely used by many people. The features of Mac Products are unique when compared to others. In spite of all this, videos get damaged even when used in a Mac product. This doesn’t mean that Mac products have some issues, the videos in Mac get corrupted or damaged due to many reasons which have been discussed in the later session of the article. Here we will provide you information on damaged video file mac, the reason for the damage, few expert advices and of course about repairing the damaged video files in Mac.


Reasons for Corruption

Now first let us understand the type of video files we will be discussing here i.e., Damaged MOV and AVI video files. So how do these MOV and AVI video files get corrupted in MAC? Given below are the reasons why video files get corrupted:

  • Interruption when the video files are being transferred.
  • Codec errors, which will create problems while playing a video i.e., the audio and video does not sync.
  • Usage of unreliable applications that to repair the damaged videos and that application will end up affecting your system negatively.
  • Video files get corrupted when the video file header or index isn’t working.
  • Playing a video in a media player that does not support the video file format.
  • Storing video files in devices, which is already corrupted due to virus or any other reason will have a negative effect on the video.
  • Using any unsecure third party tools to edit or convert video file.

Features of the Software

The following are the main features of the software. The software can also repair MP4, DivX, XViD video file format. You can repair the video and verify it using the Preview Option. When you are satisfied, you can get the license key online to save the repaired video file in Mac. The tool at the same time can repair videos that are captured in different cameras like Kodak, Canon, Nikon, Sony, Mobile Cameras and other Camcorders.

Steps to Repair MOV video file in MAC

Step 1 - Install and run the software Remo Repair MOV.

Step 2 - Once the launch page appears on the screen, click on Open button which has a heading stated choose a reference file and then choose a healthy working MOV/ MP4 file, which was recorded in the same camera, camcorder or phone.

Step 3 - Next click on the button Open with heading corrupt mov/ mp4 file to repair and select the MOV/ MP4 video file that needs to be repaired.

Step 4 - Press on the Repair option to start the Mac Video file repairing process.

Step 5 - When the task is completed. You can choose the repaired Video file, and verify or check is it working properly using Preview option.

Step 6 - Prior to saving the video file, you will have to get the license key of software. Choose a location to save the repaired video file.

Steps to Repair AVI Video File MAC

Step 1 - Install and run the application Remo Repair AVI.

Step 2 - Click on the button Open just below the heading Open Corrupt .avi .divx/ .xvid file to repair in order to load the AVI, XviD or DivX damaged video.

Step 3 - Click on the Repair button, to begin the fixing of Mac damaged video.

Step 4 - As soon as the Repair process is done, the damaged AVI video that is repaired can be previewed using Preview option.

Step 5 - Once you are satisfied with the previewed result, get the license key online and save the repaired damaged AVI file video in the desired of your Mac System.

Expert Advice

  • Protect your hard disk using trusted anti-virus.
  • Use good editing tools, to edit your videos.
  • Avoid interrupting while transferring video files, from one storage to another.