After a hectic day, you plan to watch a movie to relax. You hit the play button for the movie to start and it doesn’t and you just realized your hectic day is worsening. No matter you try playing it with different players and the Movie file still doesn’t work. You realize that the movie file has become corrupted, and you just need to repair the corrupted Movie file.

Now that you are thinking about a tool that would help you in this situation. Remo Repair MOV is the appropriate tool, that will help you in this situation.


How to Recover a Corrupted movie file?

Step 1: Download the software Remo Repair MOV and run it.

Step 2: Once the launch pad is displayed choose a Healthy file with the same codec as that of the MOV video that needs to be repaired.

Step 3: Select the path of the affected video by clicking on the Corrupted file button.

repair corrupted movie 1

Step 4: Now you can click Repair in order to repair the MOV video file.

repair corrupted movie 2

Step 5: Once the process is completed, you can use the Preview to view the repaired MOV Video file.

repair corrupted movie 3

Step 6: You can save the fixed movie which is of MOV format to the desired location.

repair corrupted movie 4

Before you understand the software in detail, you need to know what went wrong with the movie file that lead to corruption. The corruption of a movie file can be caused due to various reasons, here is a list of reason for you to understand:

  • Interruptions, when you are downloading a movie, which will lead to improper download and then corrupt the movie file.
  • When the file is affected, because of Header Corruption i.e., if the section (file header) where all file attributes like duration of the video, size, file name, file location are saved is damaged.
  • Errors or interruptions like termination of the process, abrupt failure in power: When transferring a movie file will end up corrupting the movie.
  • Infections in the storage devices caused due to malware or virus can be the main reason for a movie file to get corrupted.

Expert Advice

Always use an anti-virus to protect your system and ensure to update it on a regular basis.

Never try to access a corrupted movie file, several times which will increase the corruption.

Do not interrupt an on-going or transferring process.

Always keep a back- up of your important video files.

Features of The Software Remo Repair MOV

Here is a list of things, the software Remo Repair MOV does. Apart from helping you fix a corrupted movie file, the application has many other features that will come in handy for you. Whenever you face an issue with an MOV video file, this application can likely help you. Here are the features:

The software also fixes the issues related to the video file which is of the format MP4.

Just by following few simple steps, you can fix the issues that affect a video file of the format MOV and MP4.

The software is the simplest of all, it is built in a way that the Non-tech savvy users also find it easy to use.

Fixing truncated files, is another feature of Remo Repair MOV.

You can always use the Preview option, to check or verify the fixed corrupted video files.

The application is supported in various versions of Windows like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server and Windows Vista.

Videos which are recorded in Canon, Kodak, Nikon, FujiFilm, Panasonic, other camcorders and mobile cameras can be easily repaired if it has any issue.