MOV is a multimedia format which is used to save video and movie files. The problem arises when the files may be broken, especially when you try to change the file format or an interruption during the file transfer process. Repairing broken MOV file is an easy task, as long as you are using trustworthy software. Remo Repair AVI is one such software that can easily fix broken MOV file.


You need not get infuriated or bang your hand to repair broken MOV file. Repairing MOV file is not a rocket science and Remo Repair MOV can make it the simplest task. You just need to follow 6 simple steps. Before learning to fix a broken MOV file, you need to understand the root cause. Following are the reasons for broken MOV file:

  • Virus attack is one amongst the common reason for broken MOV file, the harmful virus enters the system while surfing on the internet or through external drives.
  • The abrupt shutting down of a system can also lead to broken MOV file.
  • There are times, when you will need to download a bulky video file, and interruption during download will make the MOV file broken.
  • Trying to convert an MOV file to another file extension and due to some reason the conversion doesn’t become successful will make the MOV file break.

Characteristics of Remo Repair MOV

Remo Repair MOV is an application which is built to fix broken MOV file. The broken MOV video file can be fixed in spite of where it is stored. The videos which are recorded from Nikon, Canon, Sony, other camcorders or mobile cameras can also be repaired. The software is compatible in Windows 10, Windows8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Server. Apart from all these features, the software has many other features and they are the following:

  • The application not only fixes broken MOV files, but also MP4 video files.
  • The application requires only less amount of space.
  • This software can repair MOV videos that have been corrupted.
  • The MOV repair tool fixes broken MOV files, by separating and adjoining the video and audio stream at the same time.
  • The software will generate a new file after repairing broken MOV video, infact the tool will not alter or bring any changes to the original file.

Steps to Fix broken MOV file

As stated above, repairing broken MOV file isn’t rocket science, but you will need to follow few steps in order to get your .mov video in working condition:

Step 1 - Download and run the video repair tool Remo Repair MOV.

Step 2 - When the launch pad will be displayed, choose a healthy video which has the same codec as that of the MOV broken file video by clicking on Healthy File

Step 3 - Choose the path of the broken MOV file, by clicking Corrupted file Button

repair broken mov 1

Step 4 - Click on Repair in order to fix the broken MOV video.

repair broken mov 2

Step 5 - When the process is completed, you can view the repaired MOV video using Preview option, to check if the broken file has been fixed.

repair broken mov 3

Step 6 - Now you can Save the fixed broken MOV file to the desired location.

repair broken mov 4

Expert Advice

It is necessary to know about fixing a broken MOV file, at the same time it is also important how to avoid Broken MOV file, here are some tips:

  • Ensure to use an authorised anti-virus.
  • Use a UPS, so that system doesn’t get affected due to abrupt shutdown.
  • Use a good internet connection to avoid interruptions since slow network while downloading an MOV video will affect adversely.
  • Do not change the file type of the MOV video unnecessarily.