Tired of trying to play your AVI file in video player? Moreover, do you see a pop up stating AVI Index broke, do you want to fix AVI index? Let’s take a guess, you have already tried repairing it manually for three times? Your problem isn’t still fixed isn’t! Well let’s not worry about that. You have tried your best to fix it manually which doesn’t seem to work. No issues, cheer up because this page will guide you on how to fix AVI Index that is damaged.

Here we will not only discuss about the software or how to fix AVI index, but also we will discuss about the situations which affected the AVI Index, features of the software and expert advice. Remo Repair AVI software will help you fix AVI index permanently, that too just by following few steps.


So before knowing about AVI index repair let us first look into the situations that lead to the damage of the AVI Index, below given are the reasons:

  • AVI index can get corrupted when downloading AVI format video from the internet.
  • AVI Index will be effected when converting AVI file to a different file format.
  • Damaging of AVI index can happen, when transferring AVI video file from one storage device to another isn’t done properly.
  • AVI index can also get affected while sharing it on different network.

Qualities of Remo Repair AVI

Remo Repair AVI is a very easy and user-friendly application. The software is the best tool for non tech savvy users. There are some special features about Remo Repair AVI apart from just AVI file index repair, the features are stated below.

  • Remo Repair AVI can fix index of AVI file, at the same time fix many other problems related to AVI file.
  • Apart from AVI index fix, the software can also fix XVID and DIVX video formats too.
  • Once the tool has repaired the AVI Index, you can use the preview option to view the rebuild AVI index video.
  • This application require very less memory for installation and its free from virus and malwares.
  • This repair tool is compatible in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista.
  • Supports repairing AVI index of videos which are captured in different cameras such as Nikon, Canon, Sony, Samsung, few other camcorders and mobile cameras.

Steps for repair AVI index

Following are the steps on how to fix AVI index:

Step 1: Install and run the software Remo Repair AVI.

Step 2: From the launch page click on Browse button to select the file with AVI index damaged.

repair avi index 1

Step 3: Click Repair to fix AVI video index.

repair avi index 2

Step 4: When the damaged index of AVI file is repaired, you can opt the Preview option to check whether the AVI video file has been fixed or not.

repair avi index 3

Step 5: Save the repaired AVI file index video to the desired location.

repair avi index 4

Expert Advice

Apart from knowing about how to fix AVI index, you can keep these expert points in mind to avoid index corruption of .avi file format.

  • Do not change the format of AVI file unnecessarily.
  • Remember to use authorised anti-virus.
  • Use UPS for constant power supply, hence it avoids abrupt shutdown.
  • Do not try any manual methods directly on the video, it can make it unrepairable.