Did your video just stop abruptly in your Mac device? No matter how many time you try, the AVI video just doesn’t play in you Mac. Is it showing any error message or still in a frozen state? At the same time did you try playing other videos? Is it working? If yes, then how could your AVI file be affected? So this page is all about AVI repair Mac.

Looks like your AVI file got corrupted. Usually when an AVI file gets corrupted, the video doesn’t play, it may freeze or display some error message. Since the AVI file is found corrupted, it will not play in any media player either. Apart from repairing AVI Mac, you need to understand the cause of AVI Corruption in your Mac. Few are listed below:

  • Converting the file format of an AVI video file very frequently, will corrupt the AVI video file and make it unplayable.
  • Corruption in the AVI header because of closing it abruptly, when the video is playing.
  • Trying to play an AVI video in an unsupportable media player.
  • Virus attack also can lead to AVI file corruption.
  • Since you are facing the AVI file corruption, you need to repair AVI file Mac. Remo Repair AVI - Mac is the best software to help you in such a situation. This tool can repair AVI Mac with ease because the interface is user-friendly.


Features of Remo Repair AVI

Remo Repair AVI is a user-friendly tool which is easy for nontech-savvy users. For repairing AVI file Mac, the user has to know the feature about the software:

  • Remo Repair AVI Mac can repair AVI file in Mac, apart from that it can fix any issue regarding AVI video files such as broken index.
  • The software not only does AVI repair Mac but also repairs each and every problem related to XViD and DivX files.
  • Repairs AVI videos that have been corrupted due to Header, Audio, Video, Codec or Index damage.
  • You can view the repaired AVI file using Preview option.
  • The repaired AVI file in Mac system can be stored in the desired location.
  • Remo Repair AVI tool supports repairing of videos taken from different cameras such as mobile cameras, camcorder and other brands like Nikon, Sony, Canon, Kodak, etc..

Steps for Mac AVI repair

Step 1: Download Remo Repair AVI – Mac software and run it on your Mac device.

Step 2: Click on the Open button in order to select the corrupted AVI file. Now click on Repair Button to begin the repair process.

repair-avi-mac 1

Step 3: Once the repair is completed, you can view the repaired AVI file Mac system using Preview Repaired Files option in the application.

repair-avi-mac 2

Step 4: Once you have viewed the repaired AVI Mac, get the license key online and then you can save it to the desired location by clicking on Save Repaired File.

repair-avi-mac 3

Expert Advice

To avoid AVI Video corruption in Mac, you can go through the following expert advice:

  • Do not unnecessarily convert the video file format.
  • Make sure the device in which the video is stored, is virus free.
  • Do not end any transferring process abruptly.
  • Create a back-up on regular basis.