"I just recovered my fav MP4 video which got deleted from a partition. I was all set to sit and watch the video until the recovered video did not play. Beginning it didn’t strike me that the damage in partition affected the MP4 video too. I tried my maximum to make the MP4 video play. In spite of recovering it, I am still not able to enjoy those videos. Can anyone help me with How to Repair Recovered MP4 Video Files?"

The article covers information on MP4 video files, how the recovered MP4 gets damaged, features of the software that will help you to fix recovered MP4 video files and of course how you can fix a recovered MP4 video file.

Let us first understand what is an MP4 video file and how it works. MP4 is nothing but a video file format which produces high-quality videos in terms of both video and audio. Being a high-quality video, it is definite that the video would require a considerable amount of space. When the MP4 video file is large, chances of damages are also more. This is the main reason why people compress the high-quality videos and audios. Software like Remo Repair MOV has been built to help users in this kind of situation. Technology is reaching the zenith, therefore the time taken to repair the recovered MP4 video is less and easy.

Understanding a software, which is user-friendly is an easy task. Before getting to that part, you should also know about situations that affect the MP4 video files. Some of the reasons that affected the recovered MP4 video file is stated below:

  • File system Corruption- When there are errors in the file system, it will make the system restart repeatedly. This, in short will have a negative effect on the MP4 video file which will eventually lead to damage of the file.
  • Attacks due to Virus and Malware- When the video file is large it is prone to malware and virus attacks. MP4 video files will end up being damaged when stored in partitions which are virus or malware affected.
  • Conversion of the file format- When you repeatedly convert an MP4 video file and also interrupt the conversion, that will create a negative impact on the video file.
  • Other issues- Errors in the registry, interrupting an MP4 video file transfer, damage in the header or even broken index are all situations that make an MP4 video file unplayable.

Features of Remo Repair MOV

You have understood the scenarios that affects the MP4 video files. Now, this portion is where you will understand the software in and out. When you understand the feature of the software, you will know in which situation you can use the software.

  • Remo Repair MOV can repair MP4 videos that were captured in professional cameras like Nikon, Kodak, Canon, Fujifilm, Sony and many more. The software can also fix videos captured in camcorders and mobiles cameras like GoPro, Replay, Contour, Samsung, iPhone.
  • The software is simple but powerful in terms of fixing damaged MP4 videos which were recovered.
  • Apart from repairing MP4 videos which are recovered, the software can also fix other issues related to MP4 videos like damage in the header, index, audio or video stream.
  • Prior to saving the repaired recovered MP4 video file, the Preview option in the application will help you verify the MP4 video as soon as it is repaired.

Steps on How you can Repair Recovered MP4

Now that you know about MP4 video file format and the software, below given are the steps on how to repair a recovered MP4 video file:.

Step 1-Download and run the application Remo Repair MOV

Step 2-When the launch pad will appear, you can choose the Healthy file for reference to repair the recovered MP4 video file. (The camera used to capture both healthy and recovered video should be same. At the same time, the codec of both the videos should also be same.)

Step 3- Choose the recovered MP4 video file that needs to be repaired by clicking Corrupted file.

how to repair recovered mp4 video files

Step 4- Click the on the Repair Button. The tool will start fixing the MP4 video file which was recovered.

how to repair recovered mp4 video files

Step 5- You can now use the Preview option to check the recovered MP4 video that is repaired. Through this option, you can make sure that the video is repaired completely.

how to repair recovered mp4 video files

Step 6- The recovered MP4 video which is now repaired can be stored to the desired location when you get the license key.

how to repair recovered mp4 video files