Imagine your MOV video file gets corrupted! The first question that would run to you would be How to repair corrupted MOV files? What are the procedures you need to follow before trying fix a corrupted MOV file?

Why is MOV considered as one amongst the commonly used video file? There are many advantages for the most commonly used MOV video file format created by MAC. In spite of being developed by Apple, MOV files can get corrupted. MOV file formats are used in both the platform like Windows and MAC. Multimedia container of the MOV file contains many parts, which saves specific type of data e.g. header, codec, audio and video streams, etc.

Now you know about the features of MOV video file, the next part is about knowing the instances that lead to MOV video file corruption:

  • Disturbance when transferring a video file from one storage device to another.
  • Usage of software that is not trusted, for recovering lost or deleted videos.
  • Corruption in the MOV file header.
  • Conversion of your MOV video file.
  • Trying to watch or play an MOV video file in a media player that does not support it.

All these reasons lead to MOV video file corruption which makes the video unplayable. You can understand that video has issues when the audio and video is not synced correctly, then there are issues based on codec. You might also get an error message while playing the MOV video on Mac using QuickTime player, which states an error code 2048.

Features of the Software - Remo Repair MOV

In spite of all these havoc, Remo Repair MOV can fix the corrupted MOV files in just few steps. The software first analyses the MOV video and then separates the video and audio to understand the issue, repair it and then adjoin the audio and video stream to a healthy and new MOV video that would play. The application repairs the corrupted MOV video without editing or causing any damage to the original file. The video codecs that is supported by the software is avc1, MOV and mjpeg. Whereas the audio codecs are sowt, RAW, MOV. Other features of the software are stated below:

  • The software is easy even for people who are using these kind of software for the first time. The user interface is built in a way to make the repairing of corrupted MOV video easy and quick.
  • Fixes most of the issues regarding a damaged MOV or MP4 video file.
  • Repairs videos captured in professional cameras like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Kodak, Fujifilm, Samsung etc., camcorders like Replay, GoPro, Contour and mobile phone like Samsung, iPhone, Sony etc. The repairing of videos that is captured from different cameras, camcorders and mobile phones depends on the model number and supported codecs.
  • The application provides Preview option in order to check the repaired MOV or MP4 vide file that was damaged or corrupted.

Steps to Fix Damaged MOV Video File

Follow the steps given to repair your corrupted damaged video file: -

Step 1 - Install the application Remo Repair MOV and run it.

Step 2 - Now the launch pad will appear, you can choose a healthy video by pressing the healthy file button in order fix the corrupted MOV video file.( the MOV video that was corrupted and the healthy video that will help in repairing should be recorded from the same camera.)

how to repair corrupted mov files 1

Step 3 - Choose the path of the corrupted MOV video, by clicking on the button Corrupted File.

Step 4 - Hit the Repair button to start the repairing the corrupted MOV video file.

how to repair corrupted mov files 2

Step 5 - You can now use the Preview option to check the video once it is repaired that too before saving.

how to repair corrupted mov files 3

Step 6 - The repaired video can be saved to the desired location once you get the license key of the product.

how to repair corrupted mov files 4