It is a very common scenario for AVI files to get corrupted due to many reasons and one among them Broken AVI Index.Tried fixing it manually? Have you been looking for a solution to fix broken AVI Index? There are many reasons that causes damage to AVI Index. Moreover, you keep receiving messages which state that “AVI file index is broken and the file cannot be opened.” Since it is very common, technology has also introduced solutions for these kind of corruptions, one such solution is Remo Repair AVI software. Well here, in this page you will find the solution to your problem along with expert advices.

At the meantime, just knowing to repair broken AVI Index will not help you completely, we will also discuss on why or how the AVI Index becomes broken. These are small factors, that you need to concentrate. Here are the factors:

  • Virus Infection – When your system is affected with virus, it can damage the index of AVI file. This will again lead to the AVI video becoming inaccessible.
  • Other factors - Other factors that can be the reason for a broken AVI Index are bad sectors, incomplete download, using unauthorised third party tools, unstable internet connection, incompatible codecs, etc.

Features Of Remo Repair AVI

Remo Repair AVI is a tool that will help you in repairing AVI Index. Apart from fixing the AVI Index, there many other salient features. Below given are the salient features:

  • Other than fixing broken AVI files, the software will also repair AVI file even if its corrupted.
  • The application also fixes issues related to XViD and DiVX files.
  • The software is compatible in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Server.
  • Header Chunk, Movie Chunk and Index Chunk can be repaired using this tool.
  • Preview option can be used to view the repaired AVI Video, before saving.
  • You can save the repaired AVI file in the required location.
  • Video captured in Canon, Nikon, Sony and other cameras such as camcorders and mobile cameras can be repaired if the AVI index is broken.

Steps to Fix Broken AVI File Index

Following is the step to fix a broken AVI file index:

Step 1-Download and run the application Remo Repair AVI.

Step 2- Choose the AVI file with broken Index by using Browse button.

fix broken avi index 1

Step 3- Once you choose the file, click on Repair, inorder to fix the broken AVI Index.

fix broken avi index 2

Step 4 - Once the repairing is completed, these AVI files can be viewed by using the Preview option.

fix broken avi index 3

Step 5 - In the end, you can save the repaired broken AVI Index to the desired location.

fix broken avi index 4