1: The repair doesn’t implement accurately on some video files – Why?

Answer: There can be numerous causes why a repair doesn’t work properly. For instance:

  1. Your storage device (example: SD card etc.) having your video may be physically damaged, and thus, it won’t work even if you try to replicate the video file from it, or it might not copy your entire data, sometimes. So there’s less or no chance of repair.
  2. Your media containing your video file is logically corrupt (damage).

2: The DEMO version has some issues while repairing – is this for the reason that it is a TRIAL version?

Answer: There’s no difference between DEMO version and FULL version of the Remo Video Repair software except the video file length. If there’s a problem repairing the damaged movie file in DEMO version, it will be in the FULL version of the software too. That’s due to the nature of movie repairs. In that case you can contact our 24/7 customer support team to know more about the issue.

3: After purchasing the full version of program, it doesn’t seem like to work any longer. Please Help!

Answer: This situation may happen if your system’s HDD or the file system is corrupt since after the first run. So, try re-downloading the software on another hard disk:

  1. Re-download and extract the application.
  2. Copy the unique code from your old program folder into the new created program folder.

4: When I try to launch the movie repair process, it says it “cannot write to the specified output folder”. Why?

Answer: This happens if the software cannot write to the output folder.

  1. So make sure your user profile has adequate rights to copy to the output folder.
  2. Be sure that, no other illustrations of the application are running. Press ‘CTRL+SHIFT+ESC’ to start the task manager, and end processes named ‘movdump.exe’ and ‘gs.exe’ if any.
  3. Try to select different output folder .
  4. Restart your computer, and proceed the process again.

When I preview the fixed video file, the voice is muted. However, when I checked the saved file, it is proper – Why?

Answer: This can be possible because preview uses an internal player, if the internal player doesn’t understand the audio format generated by your camera or mobile. If your own player plays the audio, then that’s fine.